Latest Trends In Summer Shalwar Kameez

Shalwar Kameez

In Pakistani society, salwar kameez is considered to be the most comfortable dress. The reason being, shalwar kameez is free of any fuss and feathers if worn casually. Second, the apparel is easy to carry because of the sultry summers and sweltering heat of the country. The more the designs, the better it is. Everyday new shalwar kameez designs are introduced which makes the possibilities limitless.

Following is a wonderful conglomeration of elegant shalwar kameez for you to don during summers.The ethereal combination of red and black finds voice in this designer shalwar kameez. Although there is nothing quite extraordinary about the outfit, the summer dress is bound to be a good choice for a casual day. The background is black, with red printing in large quantity. The sleeves and neckline are full of the print and the same is carried forth to the border of the shirt. There are buttons on the neckline which look stylish.

A beautiful combination of green and white presents you with an ultimate shalwar kameez for summer. The background is white which forms a rather cool backdrop for the deep mustard green print. However, there are rings in black that bring about an extra element of abstraction. There is definite designing on the neckline and green border on the sleeves and the hem are fabulous.

Now here is another brilliant piece of printed summer shalwar kameez. The predominant color is pink, with a concrete neckline. High necks are very much in vogue these days and it is the remarkable feature of this shalwar kameez. Chiffon sleeves contribute a glamorous look to the apparel and the printing all along the sleeves and the shirt is quite outstanding. The interplay of pink, black and white is thoroughly beautiful.

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